Answers to our Most Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a 14-person pedal powered vehicle (motor assist) with a licensed driver steering the ride.  Each side hosts five pedaling riders and two non-pedalers and there is a non-pedaling bench on the back as well.  In order for a ride to operate, we need six pedaling riders total.

The MTW is perfect for pub crawls, birthday celebrations, bachelor/bachelorette parties, company outings, sightseeing, themed nights out – the possibilities are endless!

The MTW is pedal-powered but also has a motor assist engine! If you are hesitant to book due to fitness ability, not all seats pedal so some can relax on non-pedaling seats.  We do need a minimum of six pedaling riders to operate the MTW.

The price covers the rental cost for your selected ride. Our rides also include games that include prizes. 

We typically make three stops per ride and some route stops may run promotions. 

We have surprises planned all season.  Your ride may be a lucky ride to receive one.  

We create our routes and have selected “the best of the best” of Manitowoc.  The stops on each ride and order of the stops varies.  The schedule can be found on our Schedule page as well as on our social media. Each stop on the route lasts about 30 minutes

Our boarding location is at Manitowoc’s premier location for nightlife, The Wharf.  It is located at 606 Quay Street.  Stop by early to enjoy their scenic views and great food and drinks.  

Great question!  The answer is…possibly.  

If a ride is already scheduled to run (a confirmed ride), seats may still be available.  You can book online up to 45 minutes before we leave.  Anything closer?  Call 920-320-1008.

If a ride has not reached the seat requirements, you have two options to book.  You can book online up to 4 hours in advance.  Closer than that, you can contact us by phone to see if we can accommodate, 920-320-1008.

Want a date/time not listed, we’re down to ride!  Contact us via phone. 

All passengers are required to complete our digital waiver via Xola. It is on the confirmation email you received after booking. The waiver can also be accessed in person prior to riding.

We don’t serve alcohol, so of course!  They will not be able to consume alcohol on the MTW. 

Note, anyone under 18 years old needs to be accompanied by a parent or guardian to enter our route stops.

Visit our Schedule page for the current route stops. Then contact the locations directly.

YES! – but you have to follow the rules.  NO HARD LIQUOR OR GLASS

ALLOWED!  You can bring beer, seltzers, fermented beverages, wine coolers and hard ciders, up to 36 ounces per person.  Bring your own cooler or rent one from us.  You are also free to bring food. 

To avoid slipping off the pedal or loss of shoes, DO NOT wear sandals or open-toe shoes.  Pedaling backward can also be hazardous with open toes.

Of course! Arrive the full 30 minutes in advance of your departure time to give yourself enough time to put up the decorations.​  Shoot us a message via email or social media to make more specific arrangements.  We’re flexible.

The MTW focuses on your comfort and safety (let’s be honest, it’s our comfort and safety too) but we also try to operate rain or shine.  Weather cancellations are the decision of the MTW exclusively and any rider cancellations follow our cancellation policy.  We do have a roof, so there’s some coverage.  If rain is in question, we recommend bringing rain jackets and/or ponchos.  We also will have some inexpensive ones to purchase. It’s still a lot of fun – think of it as an adventure. 

Weather decisions will be done as early as possible (typically 24 hours in advance).

A couple of things may cause this: 
1) Public:  You are too close to departure time for online booking.  Contact us at 920-320-1008.  We’ll help you. 

2) Private:  Our booking platform holds the MTW for acknowledged bookings (bookings that are taken but the ride hasn’t reached the rider requirements).  If you want a private ride and see that it’s available on the public side, but cannot choose the time slot for a private ride, contact us at 920-320-1008 or by email.  We’ll make it happen.

Booking a ride does not ensure a ride will happen.  We need six riders to operate.  Our first email is an acknowledgement we received your request.  It is not a confirmation.

Once your ride reaches the minimum rider requirements, you will receive another message, it becomes confirmed, and we’re good to go!

Rides may be rescheduled by the MTW for various reasons: 
1) Weather concerns
2) A private ride request at the same time as public ride that has not met minimum riders
3) Special event requests. 

We wish we could control all of these things, but we try to make it up to you.  If we cancel, riders may receive a rebooking with a discount or can receive a full credit/refund with our apologies.

Cancellations will receive a full refund if cancelled at least 14 days prior to the ride date.  Because a ride cannot run without six riders, a cancellation may affect a our operations, so no refunds will be given if cancelled with less notice. 

Rides may be rescheduled by the MTW.  In that event, riders may receive a rebooking with a discount or a full credit/refund.

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